Community Research Project Deborah Bullivant


  • To conduct a collaborative ethnographic study with adults from the Rawmarsh community around their ‘talismanic’ language use
  • To explore children’s language meaning by creating artefacts, harvesting and reflecting on their protective uses of literacy

Method and Outcomes (community)

  • Organic collection of stories from the park, the people and the pits
  • Collaborative community analysis of the story recordings, thinking about their use of dialect, fillers, accommodation, sayings, identities, rhymes, stories and inherited language shapes
  • Discussions around ideas such as ‘literacy poor’ and ‘literacy rich’

Method and Outcomes (children)

  • Children explored their literacies and precious stories/sayings/words to create an artefact of language
  • Sharing and comparing these stories led to meaning making
  • All children chose emblems of nurture which were personal to them and talked about why they were important